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uiRAD   Info   Try It   Buy It
The User Interface R.A.D. Control allows the developer to rapidlysupport field level validation, field level formatting, rule based re-sizing, and more in data entry forms with just a few lines of code in the form load event. Claim your life back and stop writing stupid code today!

SearchWorks 2.3   Info   Try It   Buy It  
Incredibly fast and flexible file searching component with full support for pattern matching and directory recursion. Tons of new features and capabilities in version 2.3. Check it out today.

Color RAD   Info   Try It   Buy It
Finally a custom color dialog that you have full programatic control of. Allow users to mix and match colors. If you need more control than the standard dialog gives you then check this out.

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New DB Compare tool gives a visual diff of a SQL Server schema comparison between two databases in a unique side by side display. Very flexible selections, fast performance, reports, and numerous results export formats. Learn more about SQL Effects Clarity with screenshots at SQL Effects Clarity Product Tour. Get a free evaulation download at our Download Page.

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The Mystery of the Themed TitleBar Label Control
(April 19, 2006)

Visual Studio 2005 Tips and Tricks
(March 25, 2006)

HTML Commenter Add-In for VS.NET
(June 14, 2005)

Top 10 .NET Tips & Tricks
(May 23, 2005)

Top 10 reasons VB.NET is better than C#
(August 23, 2004)

Top 10 reasons C# is better than VB.NET
(August 23, 2004)

Owner-drawn listbox with multiple colors in the same line
(June 21, 2004)

Make Acrobat Reader load 75% faster!
(June 21, 2004)

Demonstration of Network API capabilities by Brian Yule
(May 12, 2004)

Real Stories of .NET Interop: C#, VB.NET and VB6
(April 29, 2004)

Adding great features to form's system menu via inheritance
(April 11, 2004)

Retrieve all kinds of Ip/Network info by Brian Yule
(March 03, 2004)

Custom Data Types in VB6 by Brian Yule
(March 02, 2004)

Updated Winsock API implemention with SSL and much more by Brian Yule
(March 02, 2004)

Property Builder Add-In for VB.NET 2003
(February 26, 2004)

An implementation of the Win32 Crypto API by Brian Yule
(February 24, 2004)

VB6 implementation of the XML Parser by Brian Yule
(February 11, 2004)

Audio implementation of Win32 Multimedia API by Brian Yule
(February 11, 2004)

Make ugly SQL pretty
(October 16, 2003)

Convert Internet Date/Time formats to VB date
(October 16, 2003)

Create Popup Menus on the Fly without a Form by Brian Yule
(August 25, 2003)

Retrieve Security Priviliges and Inheritance for Folders by Brian Yule
(August 5, 2003)

Save time with the Line Swap Add-In for VB6
(June 19, 2003)

Print Vertical Text with Alignment Options
(Dec 26, 2002)

TAPI (Telephony) Wrapper, by Brian Yule
(Sep 18, 2002)

IIS and COM Components:, troubleshooting guide & tutorial
(Sep 9, 2002)

Region Clipping & Irregular Forms, for VB6 and .NET, Updated,Part II, Advanced by Brian Yule
(Sep 6, 2002)

Create Baloon ToolTips in the system tray with this component by Brian Yule
(August 7, 2002)

Create IIS Virtual Directories programmatically
(August 7, 2002)

Region Clipping & Irregular Forms, Part I, by Brian Yule
(July 31, 2002)

MSCOMM troubleshooting guide & tutorial
(June 28, 2002)

Easy to use Encryption Class
(June 5, 2002)

Easiest way to create an NT service with VB6
(May 30, 2002)

Sort a collection of objects by any property How cool is that?
(March 08, 2002)

Handy class to manage Environment Variables
(March 08, 2002)

Delay loading WebBrowser or any other control
(February 22, 2002)

Who's your daddy or how to fin..:%e EXE that loaded the DLL
(February 21, 2002)

Read any delimited file into a recordset
(January 18, 2002)

Export Fixed Length files with ease
(January 8, 2002)

Archive & Extract files using these components
(January 3, 2002)

Why Data Binding is Evil
(November 30, 2001)

Four ways to page through records
(November 21, 2001)

What Object.Class am I in?
(October 26, 2001)

Get the version of ADO installed on the PC.
(October 24, 2001)

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10 things Phoenix is better at than Mozilla.
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An interview with the author of "The Career Programmer: Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World".
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Exclusive interview with the author of "Hooking and Subclassing with Visual Basic". Live dangerously.
(July 02, 2001)

How to create ASP applications without writing ASP code
(February 02, 2001)

Software Developers & Drug Dealers - a Comparison
(December 27, 2000)

Beware! Unix is a hoax!
An oldie, but a goodie (December 27, 2000)

You know you live in the Bay Area when...
(December 27, 2000)

If Microsoft made cars
Why can't GM be more like MS? (December 27, 2000)

Top Ten Signs you shouldn't be a VB Programmer
(July 31, 2000)

You know you work in high tech, if...
(July 31, 2000)

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